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Twiggs Supports Library & Awards Reading Trophy


We are proud to announce our support of Highfields School in Matlock, with a donation to provide much-needed resources for their library and by presenting a very prestigious award indeed!


Aside from ensuring the children have access to literature they love, supporting such a great scheme actively encourages the students of this much-loved local school to read more books and to spend more time in their library, socialising and reading. Associate Assistant Headteacher, Karl Rodgers says,
“Students who are regular readers really do perform better in almost every subject that we teach in school. And reading is like any other activity – the more you practice it, the better you get at it.”. We simply had to help!


Loving The Library

Louise Robinson, one of the school’s librarians said, “The school library at Highfields is busier than ever, which is great, but it also means that books get worn out more quickly and need replacing more often. To keep our students interested in what we offer it’s vital that we have the latest books on the shelves and that they’re in good condition. We need to offer students books that they really want to read, and the kind donation from Twiggs has allowed us to do just that.”


To the Literary Victor, The Spoils

As well as making a donation to the library, we will also award “The Twiggs Trophy” to the winners of a reading challenge in which all year 8 students at Highfields will participate. Avid readers are currently competing for the prized trophy, which will be presented to the class that has read the most books by the end of the school year. We wish all the participants the best of luck!


A Word From The Director

“We are delighted to be supporting Highfields School in its efforts to foster a love of reading in its students. Reading helps build vocabulary, it expands our view of the world and helps us empathise and connect with others. These sort of communication skills have never been more important than for a young person entering the job market today.”