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Twiggs Sponsors Local School Eco Project

We are proud to announce our partnership with The Rotary Club to sponsor the provision of an exciting educational project for Darley Dale Primary School.

The Eco Bottle Greenhouse will be the first of its kind to be built at one of our community’s schools and is a Rotary Club initiative bringing together local businesses, schools (children, teachers and parents) and of course, the Rotary Club. Head Teacher of Darley Dale Primary School, Simon Gostick is delighted to hear of the support, and construction of the frame is due to commence very soon. Once built, the school’s children will be able to use the eco greenhouse to grow plants and produce as part of a varied (and fun!) curriculum.


The Greenhouse Effect

The Eco Bottle Greenhouse is comprised of a sturdy wooden frame which includes a pitched roof and entrance door. However, the walls and roof of this unique greenhouse will be constructed entirely from used, 2-litre plastic bottles which not only help to regulate ‘overheating’ inside but also allow rainwater to water plants inside, due to the gaps between the bottles! While the school waits for its delivery of the greenhouse frame, the children will set about collecting the essential bottles needed to complete the project.


Eco Education

Not only is the physical structure of the greenhouse eco-friendly (1300 2 litre bottles are needed per greenhouse), but this interactive project touches on many aspects of the National School’s Curriculum including Maths and English as well as eco issues such as recycling. What’s more, the greenhouse will help the children of Darley Dale become more conscious of their own footprint – a key initiative close to our hearts here at Twiggs.


A Word From The Director

“At Twiggs, building strong relationships is at the very core of what we do. However, this doesn’t end with our clients and customers, we also strive to form close bonds with the community around us too. To be able to partner with The Rotary Club to provide such a unique learning project for Darley Dale Primary School is paramount - as we are not merely exercising a form of corporate social responsibility, but supporting a generation of young minds who may well choose to follow the path of construction, trade or engineering as a result of Twiggs’ helping hand in their formative years. And that’s something truly special.”