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Matlock is Flooded

Overnight rains have brought chaos to the roads around Matlock following heavy overnight rains.  The river has almost breached the top of floodwall at the back of Twiggs and has come through in parts into the steel works although damage is minimal thankfully.  Staff were on hand at 6am this morning moving equipment and stock onto higher ground.  As I write this at 10am on Friday 8th November I am pleased to report the levels have just stopped rising and have fallen a few inches.

Stores are still open, the steelyard office is open for calls but we've had to turn the power off in the works for safety reasons.  Crown Square is flooded so the A6 is not passable between Stanley Fearns and the centre of Matlock.  We're taking a lot of calls for pumps - we have stock at the moment and sandbags.  We have empty sandbags in stock - ie you have to provide the sand and fill them.

We have lots of other items in stock that you may need - wellies, pipe, mops, brushes, shovels etc. Please call us if we can help.  Our vans and lorries are not out today due to the floods but we will be back out there as soon as we can.

Thank you and please stay safe.