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Cakes In Space!

When we were approached to help support a local school project at S. Anselm’s Preparatory, we didn’t imagine that it would end up grabbing so many column inches in the press!

On the 18th June 2018, just before 7am, children, teachers, family, friends, and radio journalists gathered on a playing field at S. Anselm’s with Mr McCloud (STEM Ambassador), to prepare for and launch a weather balloon into space. However, rather than just a device to just track weather conditions, this balloon featured a rather tasty treat as its payload!

Up...Up...And Away

After a successful launch, dodging the increasing wind gusts, the balloon rapidly made its way towards Maltby in the Lincolnshire Wolds, then to an altitude of 13,033 metres, eventually reaching 33,000! With a satellite tracker and a camera onboard the school’s balloon, the children were able to see images from the payload. Sadly however, part way into the flight, communication was lost and has yet to be made since, with the Bakewell pudding left floating away into space for UFOs to intercept!

The Story Takes Flight

News has since travelled far and wide (much like the balloon), with the story reaching the 8th most popular item on the BBC News website and additional coverage on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 2 (Chris Evans), Sky News, The Telegraph, The Express, The Metro, local radio and many more. Even the legendary Stephen Fry joined the discussion, tweeting about the story, among thousands of others on social media.

A Word From The Director 

“We are of course, always proud to help with sponsorship for local projects and especially enjoy being able to support the children of our community. However, this particular cause definitely had the Twiggs team talking for days, speculating as to where the balloon might be and what might’ve come of the delicious payload. It’s been great to see Derbyshire featuring so much on national media and even better, the children are delighted to have been involved in such a fun, educational and historical event for the local area.” - Richard Tarbatt