Universal Beam

Universal beam (UB) can be supplied in stock lengths or cut to size.


Additional information


152x89x16, 178x102x19, 203x102x23, 203x133x25, 203x133x30, 254x102x22, 254x102x25, 254x102x28, 254x146x31, 254x146x37, 254x146x43, 305x102x25, 305x102x28, 305x102x33, 305x127x37, 305x127x42, 305x127x48, 305x165x40, 305x165x46, 305x165x54, 356x127x33, 356x127x39, 356x171x45, 356x171x51, 356x171x57, 356x171x67, 406x140x39, 406x140x46, 406x178x54, 406x178x60, 406x178x67, 406x178x74, 457x152x52, 457x152x60, 457x152x67, 457x152x74, 457x152x82, 457x191x67, 457x191x74, 457x191x82, 547x191x89, 457x191x98, 533x210x82, 533x210x92, 533x210x101, 533x210x109, 533x210x122, 610x229x101, 610x229x113, 610X229X125, 610X229X140, 610X305X149, 610X305X179, 610X305X238, 686X254X125, 686X254X140, 686x254x152, 686x254x170, 762x267x134, 762x267x147, 762x267x173, 762x267x197, 838x292x176, 838x292x194, 838x292x226, 914x305x201, 914x305x224, 914x305x253, 914x305x289, 914x419x343, 914x419x388

Stock Length

9500, 11000, 12200, 14000, 15500, Cut to size


Self Coloured, Primed, Galvanised


None, Left45°, LeftRight45°, LeftRightOpposite